Paws 4 Independence

"Service Dogs Saves Lives"


Marcie Jenson's Credentials:

- Certified Dog Trainer for over 26 years

- AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator

- Catch Canine Trainer Academy Official Mentor Trainer 

- MN State Humane Agent & Animal Control Officer

- A.A.S. Veterinary Technician

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Paws 4 Independence was established in Caledonia, Minnesota just prior to 2009 by Marcie Jensen. Marcie Jensen is a professional certified dog trainer and has received extensive training as a behavior specialist. She has been training dogs for over 26 years and has dedicated much of her time and talent to help others properly train animals to meet their personal needs.

Marcie has attended special seminars to explore new ways of thinking. She understands the importance of furthering her education and in March 2012, Marcie graduated from an accredited college with a degree A.A.S. Veterinary Technician.

Marcie has had extensive training and work as an Animal Control Officer for Houston County. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Marcie traveled to New Orleans and shared her compassion and skills to help rescue and assure safety to both animals and humans.

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