Paws 4 Independence

"Service Dogs Saves Lives"

Paws Dogs

The dogs for the Paws 4 Independence Service Dog Program come from Marcie Jenson's breeding (Boxers and Rottweilers), other reputable breeders, and donated dogs.

 Marcie breeds European Boxers and Rottweilers. Her dogs are available for purchase through her or by an application through the Paws board. 

 Often times wonderful people choose to donate their dogs to Paws allowing us to place them in a home with no cost to the organization or to the client.  Some are puppies and some are older. All of these dogs are evaluated for their ability to do Service Dog work. If they pass Marcie's evaluation, they are placed with a foster family to begin their training until the perfect handler arrives.  We truly appreciate these puppy and dog donations. 

 Do you have a specific dog in mind? Do you know a breeder? Would you prefer a certain breed?  Marcie is very willing to assist clients in assessing and choosing a partner for their needs and lifestyles. She will go with you to meet the pups and help you choose the right one. This is a no cost service that must be scheduled by calling 608-797-2410.