​​Make a Difference

"We volunteer our time to better individuals' lives"

Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization, without them Paws 4 Independence would not exist.

Paws 4 Independence

"Service Dogs Saves Lives"

There are many ways you can get involved with Paws 4 Independence to help make a difference in the lives of our participants and our dogs. As a volunteer you can take on many different roles. There are a variety of ways you can help our organization.


By volunteering to train you will be helping with our training classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. As a volunteer you may be taught how to be a trainer to run a training class or may be trained as an assistant to help out in the classes and work one-on-one with individuals and their dogs if they are new or have specific areas that need work.


Our fosters home dogs who do not yet have a handler. They help with their training at

home and in our classes.


There are a variety of ways you can get involved with fundraising. We have small fundraisers throughout the year where we need volunteers to man a booth selling Paws 4 Independence apparel and hand out brochures. We also participate in events such as the Wine and Cheese Festival and Community Days. Every year we have our Annual Fundraiser where we need help with set up, tear down, posting flyers, manning booths, assisting with the Walk-a-Thon, and asking local businesses for donations for our Silent Auction. You can also fundraise on our behalf with bake sales, rummage sales, brat stands, and household parties for candles, kitchen goods, cosmetics, etc.


Your monetary donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. All donations are tax-exempt. Monetary donations help us with fundraising costs, training supplies, making our service dog vests, immunizations, veterinary services, and to help us provide grants and dogs to families in need of assistance with obtaining a service dog. 

We also accept donated collars, leashes, dog toys, veterinary services, and much more.

Donate a Dog

We do accept donated dogs who are good candidates for service work. While we would like to accept every dog that is offered, it takes something special to become a service dog. We evaluate all dogs before accepting them into the program to ensure their success with the training. 

Sponsor a Team

A great way to help individuals with disabilities gain a better quality of life is to sponsor part or all of the costs for training their Service Dog through Paws 4 Independence. Contact us at paws4independence@gmail.com to find out how you can change a life by sponsoring a Service Dog team.

Grant Writing

Grants are the largest source of our funding and are vital to our sustenance as a non-profit organization. We are always in need of individuals with experience writing grants or strong writing skills.

Website Design and Updates

We can always use an extra set of tech savvy hands to help us with updating and managing our website.


We are always in need of someone willing to take photographs of our classes, events, and dogs for our website, display boards, and ID cards.


We make our own Service Dog vests and are always in need of individuals with experience in sewing to help us keep up with making and repairing Service Dog vests.


Being a non-profit we can always use individuals with an accounting skill set who is willing to donate their time to help us on the money front.

Sharing and Spreading the Word

You can also help by sharing our website and Facebook page or distributing our brochures and business cards.